Friday, December 12, 2008

I am at the library because...

Hello everyone,

I have been quiet for a little while here, running around and finishing projects.

As far as that goes, I'm almost done!! My presentation is ready and all and I was even on the news in Rhinelander for about 5 seconds after surviving a 3 hour fun filled drive through a blizzard at 6 in the morning to get to these meetings.

The meetings were actually worthwhile, and i don't look too strung out!

In other news, I probably wont be posting anytime soon because my computer got JACKED while it was minding its own business sitting on my desk in my room! If any of you frequent pawn shops in the madison area, keep your eyes peeled?

luckily for me these douchebags took the time to remove my thumb drive and fling it on the floor, which has pretty much saved my life as my entire capstone project was on that, with the only back up being on my laptop.

I guess the upside of this is that we have a nice, new, and clean living room window.

Oh and by the way Danny, you wont have to wait much longer... christmas/channukah/holidays are right around the corner!

Until next time,

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Sarah said...

I had no idea you've been doing this in Rhinelander! I've been there a bunch. That place could use some of your help, I think. Anyway, that's cool you were on TV. You made it sound like the project could be really useful.