Friday, March 27, 2009 which Danny visits the desert

So while Hogan has been softening his brain in front of the television, I've been gettin' some book knowledge instead.  May I introduce to you the most important treatise of our generation: Human Survival on a Plutionium-Contaminated Planet by Charles L. Hyder, PhD.

I say "timely" classic because I just so happen to be in the desert of Tucson, Arizona as I type this.  I have not become a witch, thank goodness, and I have the author of that fine book to thank for that, no doubt.  Hogan may have puppets, but yodeling won't keep him from being burned at the stake with the rest of the sorceresses!

Speaking of religious indignation against sinners...remember Brother Jed from in front of the Humanities Building?  Y'know, the guy who stood at the beginning of State Street shouting out absurd moralistic screeds warning the student body about the dangers of cavorting with promiscuous women?   Flanked by the cronies with the giant signs explaining what sorts of people were destined to hell?

Well I always wondered what happened to those fine folks over the winter...and now I know.  It appears that they migrate!  Yes, it's true: the other day while I was strolling around campus here, I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of Brother Jed's excellent open-air lectures.  It was breathtaking.  I will never let those temptresses get ahold of me again!  I'm just overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have made it this far!

And by "this far," I of course mean "to the point of accepting my offer to the University of Arizona."  I know it isn't a big surprise to anyone, but today I officially signed my admission offer.  So now I'm a Wildcat!  I was hoping to leverage that new status to talk some serious crap about the NCAA tournament, but the reaming delivered to U of A earlier sort of deflates that idea.

I'll update soon with some highlights of the trip, but for now it shall suffice to say that Arizona is just about as awesome as Hogan is a weenie.  And I defy you to attempt to establish that what I mean is that Arizona is not awesome.

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