Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Conversations with my father

*telephone rings; it's my dad*

Danny: "Hi, Dad. How's it going?"
Arye: "Nice, nice."


D: "So what's up?"
A: "Nothing."


D: "So...uh..."
A: "What?"
D: "Well did you want something?"
A: "What do you mean?"
D: "You called me! What did you want?"
A: "What did I want..."


A: "I totally forgot."
D: "Well do you want to call me back when you figure it out?"
A: "Do I want to call you back when I figure it out..."


A: "Oh! Uh..."


A: "Did you see that there's an avocado on the counter?"
D: "Yea."
A: "Well you might want to eat it, because it will be bad."
D: "Okay."
A: "Bye, Danny; bye."
D: "Bye dad."


Sarah said...


nisse said...

*rough transcript of a voicemail from nisse's father*:

"Nisse, did you know. That if you play 'Feel Good Inc' on repeat it sounds like one continuous song because he laughs at the beginning of the song, and then he laughs the exact same way at the end of the song. It is great. Love you."