Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The zombie war has begun...

and its birthplace is NEW ORLEANS, USA:
Start stockpiling and start thinking about defensible positions close by. We'll need to avoid the cities, obviously. We first need to find a reasonable location, preferably on top of a hill. I would also recommend being within running distance of a river so we can have available evacuation should the need arise. We need munitions and medical supplies. For food, I would recommend something that has no expiration date and offers reasonable nutritional value. I might recommend Twinkies as a primary food source, in honor of the classic Simpsons episode. We may also want entertainment. We should grab some PS3s for rocking out. We can play Resident Evil 5 for practice in the thorough and effective elimination of zombies. On zombie-lite days (Yes, I'm developing a new dictionary for us to use which will incorporate new and necessary vocabulary), we can drink mimosas on the front lawn. Deal?