Thursday, February 5, 2009

I hate this more than anything

This has gone on long enough, and I require an outlet for my rage. There is this rather out of shape person (to put it mildly) in my office, and every so often, she decides to criticize what I'm eating for it's nutritional content (or lack thereof).

This just seems to be one of the most obvious of modern day cultural rules to me. If you are fatter than somebody, you cannot criticize them for eating unhealthy food. You are especially not allowed to criticize the reason for being able to eat an unhealthy meal occasionally (namely, that I run at least 5 miles per day). If you care that much about nutrition and health, learn to apply it to yourself.

Get yo shit out my business!


Sarah said...

what are you gonna do about this, danny?

Andy said...

Danny, Sarah has now made you responsible for this dilemma. Thus being elected, you have to FIX IT!