Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Danny > GRE

Dude you've got this.

Now listen. If you want to celebrate having taken the GRE, you must first NOT listen to my boyfriend, who thinks you can have fun with a cat. Ridiculous.

Instead, head over to my parents' house. They drink every night! They'll show you a good time. No I'm kidding - that's a bad idea. Really, I think you should make s'mores and drink mead with your dad in front of the fireplace. Instead of ridiculous, you could have sublime! Think about it! There you have "get wasted", "inexpensive" (your dad would obviously furnish the supplies), and "in good company"!! And when you're done making s'mores, you can hatch a plan to take over the world with the old man. Oh my gosh, another fun game is Indian Poker. In case you don't know how to play, stick a card on your forehead facing out (don't look at it!) and make bets on whose card is higher based on the other's reactions. Hilarious.


+ ++
= very fun time!

Lastly, did I mention how great you look today? ;)


John said...

Indian poker, Sarah? Real mature. At least having fun with animals wouldn't make Danny a RACIST!

Sarah said...

your mom is a racist.

John said...

Yapp, that is in fact the case. Leave the Indians to their Indian poker. Life is tough, like the buttocks of a stone.

nisse said...

you have no idea how much this post makes me want s'mores.