Monday, October 20, 2008

whats this all a-grout

The real question is, how come our mimosas never looked like those, right there on the right there? hmm? danny?
Living with elliot and dan is sort of like living by myself, if I sleptwalked and made a big mess every night. We wrote up a contract- to get dishes done (no dishwasher)- and it is literally a whole page of writing. Who knew doing dishes could get so complicated!!

Here are some house updates:
  • we have a microwave!
  • the sharks haven't killed each other yet, and the snails haven't eaten any fish or sharks
  • the guy upstairs apparently doesn't wrestle, breakdance, riverdance, move his furniture around, bowl in his livingroom, drop rocks, or anything else like that. I guess he just has really heavy feet.
  • None of our plants have died
  • Dannys coat is taking up valuable space in my closet
Other than that- the location is great (how come you never told me that, Sarah), and we are keeping the heat about ten degrees hotter than we need to... because we can and I am still recovering from last winter.

Here are some more tidbits:
  • Frank Lloyd Wright developed his Prairie style in 1901, first shown in the Willits house
  • the Prairie style is characterized by overlapping space, diversified functionality of space, and permeable exteriors
  • Frank Lloyd Wright owned a customized Cadillac
  • His son, who was also a practicing architect, was the inventor of Lincoln Logs
Back to the paper!

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Sarah said...

I can't even believe Connecticut is that cold. That sucks.

And I'll tell you why I didn't say anything about how awesome that area is as soon as you tell me why you didn't tell me you have SHARKS!! I mean come on.