Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Costumes?

Hey what are y'all being for Halloween? I'm having a devil of a time thinking of something I really like. Some of the contenders so far (none of which make me particularly happy:

1) Kenny Loggins: I personally love the idea of being Kenny Loggins, but this is one of those ideas where no one else would find it anywhere near as funny as I do. I haven't shaved in a few days, but I just got a haircut, making the impression a little shakey. Also, the only really distinct image of Loggins I can think of is one which very few people would recognize:

2) A Light Switch: The light switch continues in the theme of mundane objects, embodied in last year's turnstile costume. It also occurs to me that the light switch idea would allow for crass jokes about turning me on, particularly if the switch itself is placed in a suggestive location. I recognize that this isn't particularly funny, and would certainly be open to suggestions in the same line of thinking.

3) Joe the Homeless Guy: The idea here would be a homeless guy making over $250,000 who is concerned that Obama's tax plan would raise his taxes, and is therefore supporting McCain. I find this idea quite clever, but there are two things about it that concern me: first, it requires more than three seconds of explanation, and second, I don't actually support Barack Obama. I don't see those as fatal problems, though. The other question would be how to execute the costume; I'm thinking to dress up as a bum and have the joke somehow represented on a cardboard sign, but what would the sign say? "Homeless please help (and don't let Obama raise my taxes)" with a McCain '08 logo?

I think I like the homeless guy idea best, but what do you guys think?


I've decided I don't like any of these ideas. After literally spending tonight brainstorming, I have come up with the idea of being a bottle opener. It could be done with cardboard, duct tape, and a little paint. Hehe I'm already bored with Halloween and it hasn't even started yet!

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Sarah said...

John and I vote homeless guy.