Thursday, October 23, 2008

Herrooooo ra ra ra ra ra

Herro everybody! How are all my Joes the Plumber out there?

Andy here, hangin out in Madison with my new kitteh Steeeeeve. Yeah, I know, I'm one of those weird cat guys now. I wanted a dog, but I figured that a cat is just a lazy man's dog. I keep thinking I have to do something for it, but no, I really don't. What could be more appropriate for a lazy bastard such as I?

I'm still working for the UW Grad school as a marketing specialist and web designer, aka two things I know absolutely nothing about. Somehow I've managed to fool 'em, and apparently have done a good job of it. They gave me a raise and promotion so that I can live my dream of siphoning more of your tax dollars for no good reason.

Some fun facts about Andy:
  • I watch PBS daily
  • I eat enough Pizza to kill a herd of bison
  • Jesus really turned that water into Diet Pepsi (right Danny?)
  • I kind of want a blackberry, but I don't know

Other than that, I am still thoroughly undecided about this election. I'm pretty sure I'm one of 6.4 people left in the world that can say that. Whoever can guess my leanings wins a super-secret surprise to be named later. I am still thoroughly appreciative of the residents of 408 for leaving a contact case out just for me, in case that rare occasion occurred when I passed out on your couch or in your bathroom, and I'm looking forward to figuratively passing out all over this blog.

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