Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good luck, Danny!

Although I never had the pleasure of enjoying a mimosa on the front lawn with any of you, I do know all of you...intimately. It sounds like lives are pretty fantastical right now. Haha, Nisse, I'm so sorry I can't speak with you! The night would ring vibrant with the sound of beauty that is German. Bo ho ho. Danny, good luck with the GRE. Rock its socks off. As for the party or funeral afterwards, I have a suggestion that will work for both. Get wasted and play cards with a cat. You could probably do a number of sitdown shots with the cat and then change to beer.

Else...Get wasted with a bear and get him to pay for the cab.


Sarah said...


John said...

You clearly need to judge the bear, not his brethren. That bear in the cab looks like a buyer, a player if you will. I think you're just hanging out with the wrong bears, man.