Thursday, October 23, 2008


I hope the Smithiwick's led to a solo naked dance party... it did for Socrates. Congrats for real, though, that's awesome!

John, do you really speak German? Kühl! (that's all I've learned since the last post)

I'm so bored, I have nothing to do until I move, and it's rainy and cold so I have nowhere to go. In the meantime, some things I am fond of in Spain:

  1. Cafe con leche--1 euro for excellent espresso with milk--and yes, it still makes me deaf, but I'm deaf IN SPAIN.
  2. Siesta
  3. 'El hormiguero'--sort of like a Conan O'Brien interview show, except they do scientific experiments with the guests, and there are ant puppets in the middle of the host's desk:
  4. The food, of course. Garlic, olive oil, seafood, ham, tortillas, etc etc. All delicious, and cheap!
  5. Paz Vega
  6. People walk their dogs without leashes! This never fails to amuse me.
People are also very interested in the election, although everyone here KNOWS Obama is going to win. It's refreshing, but scary that it might not happen.

Anyway, it has stopped raining, I'm going for a walk! 'Til soon all.

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