Sunday, October 26, 2008

Learn How to Make Pants, Old Navy!

My mom and I went to Old Navy yesterday to look for something they didn't end up having, and they randomly handed us this little Halloween bag with some coupons in it. One of those coupons was good for $150 of free clothes, as long as we used it between yesterday and today. Sweet! $150 of free stuff, and we didn't even buy anything the first time!

So we went back today and I tried to find some decently fitting khaki pants, since I need those. And in the entirety of Old Navy, there was one pair of pants which fit anywhere close to decently. Therefore I proclaim, LEARN HOW TO MAKE EFFIN' PANTS, OLD NAVY!

However, I did score some pretty baller sweatpants. Life is good.


I just watched Jet Li's first movie, Shaolin Temple, and it was pretty decent. However, it had just about the worst ending possible (obviously don't read on if you want to see it). There was this babely girl from another Shaolin temple that Jet Li met in the middle of the movie (she was a "secular student," not a monk, so she can get married). She had this anklet thing with little bells on it, and she said that she was supposed to marry the guy who had the matching bells. Well, Jet Li has the other bells, but he's a Shaolin monk. So there's this sexual tension subplot through the entire kung fu movie and it's awesome (particularly because she's really bangin'). He can't marry her because he's a monk, but throughout the movie he's calling out the monastic order for being too distracted from real-world issues, and there's even a point where he talks about leaving the temple for good (though not to marry her, but rather to avenge the death of his parents, who were killed by the same guy who the girl's parents were killed by, so she has the same mission). So Jet Li's character is super conflicted throughout the movie.

Meanwhile, there's this other guy who's with them the whole time and very obviously has a crush on the girl (he's a secular student with the babely girl). He finds out that Jet Li has the anklet bells, and after a brief tantrum, tries to help Jet Li get to the girl. Of course, she has been kidnapped by the guy they all want to kill, and they fight to the death. After they kill the bad guy, Jet Li gives the bells to the other guy and tells him to give them to the girl. He then proceeds to bounce, while the other guy calls after him to tell him that he can't go through with it. Then the girl sees that the other guy has the bells, and says "So you had the bells the whole time?" and he hesitantly says "Uhh...yes!" And Jet Li turns as he walks away and waves goodbye. The end.


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are you fucking serious? that's crap, that's what that is.