Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh $h!t! Git 'Em!

And I quote:

They've done it. The McCain campaign has gone and pissed off Miss Virginia.

I think that should about seal things. Nisse, don't worry about a thing; we'll be heading straight for massive government involvement in health care in no time at all!

And apparently, unlike Sarah Palin, she has been interviewed by Chris Matthews.

Read the whole article here.


To her credit, Sarah Palin is the greatest person to ever exist. Evidence:

Yes, that's right folks. Sarah Palin in a scarf emblazoned with the word "Vote," covered in donkeys. The world is a beautiful place.


Sarah said...

Danny, you should read the wiki on Kristi Glakas. She's pretty impressive.

Sarah said...

That would be sweet! I would come and visit! By the way, I was in no way offended by your post. I actually just thought you might be interested in learning about her because I had looked her up wanting to know what she looked like in less-ridiculous poses....and she was impressive. haha.