Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spain (in which Nisse discovers she fucking loves coloring)

First of all, this blog is the ideation of the year. I´m making you both medals. Second, the picture is funny because it´s true.

Some updates on Spain:
  1. I´m moving! Mostly I decided I´m done with Córdoba, and I´ve broken enough hearts here so it´s time to start fresh. So I´m moving to Granada, the number one Erasmus city in Europe (Erasmus is the European study abroad program), which means even more heartbreakery is in store! In the meantime there are far more jobs to be had in Granada, and far more things to do as a young, hip, world-traveling gal. Not to mention I have friends there who are letting me stay with them (Hogan, I´m getting a jump on the freeloading).
  2. I have officially left my program, despite trying to reason with them and ask for help several times. Who wouldn´t give an American girl a skull moped if she asked nicely?
  3. I got my first plant (rescued from the dastardly Marissa, who was going to sit back and watch it die), and am starting a vegetable/herb garden on our terrace soon.
  4. I´m learning German, very slowly. So far I know how to say ¨What are you doing?¨ and ¨I will eat your soul¨, as well as most cell phone-related words because I switched the language on mine to German.

Otherwise, I´ve been spending my time trying to find a replacement roommate, a job, and a new apartment in Granada. It´s still pretty warm here, so I´ve been walking around the city a little and going out with my roommates (Chuck--American, who I met in Sevilla last fall, and Beatrice--Austrian, who we met in our hostel during the first week here) and some of our friends here. There is also a kebab stand right down the street from our apartment, so they´re getting to know us quite well. I haven´t happened upon the libertarian socialist again, but I plan to give him a piece of Danny´s mind when I do. With Danny´s permission, of course.

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