Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...en que Nisse deja Españita.

....is this really where I´ve been living? Sigh....
I leave tomorrow morning! By this time tomorrow I will be nearly to chilly Chicago. Still sad to leave because I was just getting comfortable and had made friends here, my Spanish is borderline acceptable again, etc. But I´m looking forward to seeing those of you I will see, and to keeping the others updated on what´s going on in the upper midwest.

In honor of my return to the nation of my birth, I present Mr. Washington (still hilarious):


Goodbye and hello!

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Sarah said...

pobrecita! i cannot even imagine your heartbreak, lady. as uncomfortable as i am here most of the time, i'd be really disappointed to leave my adventure early. if it makes you feel any better, i've only ever dreamed of being able to do what you've done (rock out in Spain for a piece), and i recognize that the stupid EU laws will most likely prevent me from ever living that dream. so, kudos! way to be a champ.