Monday, November 3, 2008

I Pwn3d the GRE; It Pwn3d Me Back

So I'm trying to get my grad school applications out, and one of the things they want you to put on there is your GRE score. Except those bastards have yet to send me my scoring report. And apparently, it costs $12 to get them to tell you on the phone. Twelve dollars!

Now my mom decides that it's worth paying, so that I can send my applications in a few days earlier. Why? Who knows. So I call, and turns out that the entire thing is automated. I just paid twelve dollars to type a bunch of numbers into a computerized database and have it give me my score in a jerky computer voice. Pwn3d.

However, the computer had good things to say, so I'm not taking it too hard. My 700 on the verbal portion put me in the 97th percentile, and my 800 on the quantitative part put me in the 94th percentile. Effin' engineers, throwing off the curve. I also got a 5.5 out of 6 on the analytical writing section, which put me in the 90th percentile on that (I'm actually kind of offended by the suggestion that between my quantitative, verbal, and writing skills, I'm actually worst at writing relative to the rest of the population. That's horse poop!). But basically, I am l337 h@x0rz.

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Sarah said...

congratulations, my friend. that's great news!