Sunday, November 2, 2008 which Danny lobbies for culinary school

So Nisse:

I talked to the illustrious Jon Kinder (not sure if you know him; the others do), who is at California Culinary Academy, about what he would say to someone considering going to culinary school. Below is my interview with him (edited for clarity and grammar).

MFL: If someone were considering culinary school, what would you tell them?
Kinder: That it is a really great time, and if it's someone who has not enjoyed college because of the lectures, etc., it is great because it's all hands-on. It's pretty much kick-starting my academic career.
MFL: Is it a lot of pressure?
Kinder: No, it's not a lot of pressure. At least at my school, all the teachers are great and funny, and they really help you out -- lots of positive reinforcement, combined with honest criticism.
MFL: Do they usually place you in a good job, or is it tough to do something with it afterwards?
Kinder: With my school, and I think most others, the final two months are an externship, where you apply to work in fancy restaurants, cruise ships, etc., and that is a good networking opportunity that will help you find a good job afterwords. I mean, it's a technical school, so they have really good job placement departments, and tons of opportunities for networking. Some chefs run catering companies and will hire you for weekends, etc., and the school has weekend adventures to wine country and other things like that. So you really can immerse yourself into the culture if you feel so inspired.
MFL: That's tight; I wanna go to culinary school, dammit.
Kinder: Yea, I really recommend the one I'm at: California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.
MFL: Solid; I'll definitely pass that on. Thanks.
Kinder: Word.

Hopefully that's helpful!


Sarah said...

that's tight. i wish i knew how to cook. i would go to that school.

Andy Stravers said...

One of my friends went to the Chicago Culinary Institute, and now he runs a fancy-pants restaurant in Paris. So, I generally agree with everything Danny and Kinder said.

Anonymous said...

May I also advocate for Hollywood stunt-person school, should such an institution exist.


nisse said...

did he have to do an internship before he went? because for some, like Culinary Institute of America, you have to do a six-month internship in a restaurant before you even start school.

nisse said...

also I love you.