Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...in which Nisse comes home, and things are re-examined..

Yeah, I don't really want to talk about it.


Sarah said...


Sarah said...

*sneakily jabs Danny in the ribs with her finger*

Sarah said...

Excuse me Danny, but I'm trying to hug Nisse. I clearly love her more than you do. *sneakily gives Danny a fiendish "I win!" smirk while continuing to hug Nisse*

Sarah said...

*rolls her eyes at Danny's inane retort*

If I were scheming, Nisse wouldn't be feeling the love right now, and she definitely is. But you're right, this is serious, so maybe you should stop sticking your tongue out of your mouth. Nisse doesn't like it when people stick out their tongue.

*sneakily sticks tongue out at Danny back*

Sarah said...

Wow. Jealous much? You know, I even made the move to let go an hour ago but she was having none of it. Did you ever consider the fact that maybe Nisse likes hugging? It's okay, Danny, if you want a turn, all you have to do is ask. I'm sure Nisse would oblige.

*sneakily mocks Danny by giving him a look of faked sympathy*

Sarah said...

Oh Danny, it doesn't surprise me at all. She really is the best.

*sneakily beams a genuine beam back at Danny*

*group hug!*


.....*Danny is burnt to a crisp by Sarah's beam*
*Danny disintegrates into a pile of Sarah-beamed ash*
*Sarah looks on in horror that her loving admiration of her friends could ultimately burn them to a crisp*

Sarah said...

nope, not really, unless you have another alternate ending.....?

Sarah said...

No group hug?

*sneakily laughs at Danny's sneaky genius*

nisse said...