Wednesday, November 5, 2008

uhhh....sorry about this. i'm just going a little crazy sitting across from this man.

A couple of conversations I had with Wilber, the super-Christian, 53-year-old western Pennsylvanian Republican who teaches high school English here:

Me: Wilber, are you sad about the election results?
Wilber: (obnoxiously) Well, I'm not overly happy about it.
Me: I'm sorry, I know how disappointing that is.
Wilber: Well, it is what it is.

later on....

Me: Hey Wilber, aren't you proud of your country for overcoming its historic racial prejudices and electing a black man as president?
Wilber: I have no problem with a black man being president.
Me: Of course you don't, you're not like that. But isn't it some comfort that even though your candidate lost, your country made history today?
Wilber: I have no problem with a black man being president. I'm no redneck. I just didn't want it to be Barack Obama. I would have voted for Colin Powell in the 80s if he had ran. (he repeated this like three times).
Me: I never suggested you would have a problem with it. In fact, in asking the question, I assumed you don't have a problem with it. I just thought that might be a ray of sunshine for you. It was for John McCain.
Wilber: Yeah, and you saw how the crowd reacted when he said stuff like that in his speech.

(if you'll recall they were booing and stuff, and mccain got pissed at them for it)

Okay, granted, I should have just left him alone and not tried to make him feel better, but...GAH! What a DOUCHE. Aaaand, then he starts talking about how all of Barack Obama's moral values are exactly opposite of his, and how he doesn't support gay rights because gays are not a minority and are not denied any civil rights, and how he's anti-abortion because he doesn't want to fund it with his taxes. (as if a child who is born to someone who can't afford the child wouldn't be supported by the state for much of his/her life) AND he teaches English and says "don't" instead of "doesn't" and "good" instead of "well".....allllll the time! Oh man, last thing: Yesterday, I found a Women of the Bible word search in the copier. How inappropriate could you possibly get. And he's the world's greatest mouth-breather - I hear him 100% of the time he is around me.

Wow that felt good. Thanks.

Regardless, yesterday was still absolutely exhilarating.

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nisse said...

lame. and odd, in general people who have left the u.s. seem to be the polar opposite of this guy.