Tuesday, November 25, 2008

North Korea Ho!

Here is a short list of what's been going on over here:

1 All 8th graders are little shits and should simply be put in cryostasis for that year.
2 I've started to do some calligraphy and it's been kind of sweet! I have no idea what I'm doing though.
3 My kids have been learning about Thanksgiving this week. They've been making leaves out of colored paper and writing things they are thankful for on them. You can't know the sense of validation I get from one 9th grader's leaf: "I am thankful for Sarah teacher because great preparing and nice teaching. first of all very pretty." I really did do a bit of preparing so they could make those colorful leaves. Oh, one of the 8th graders even wrote a short letter about how he was thankful for me and really sorry his "bad friends break the class" (meaning ruin class).
4 John is getting an award for one of the Yeoju English Stars programs we did! (YES is an English program held every other Saturday for low-income kids).

Lastly, I thought you might find it interesting that the South Koreans REALLY REALLY want reunification with North Korea, but so far that hasn't been possible. And now, North Korea is once again closing its border with South Korea. I did not understand the gravity of this until John and I went to the DMZ (demilitarized zone) two Sundays ago and learned a bunch about the history of it. By the way, Hogan, you were dead on about how the DMZ has served as a de facto wildlife preserve. The DMZ is home to several rare and otherwise extinct species of animals and plant life. I got a sweet tin camping mug souvenir and a red bandana with a map of North Korea on it, so I have proof I was there.

Also, I got a peek at North Korea! You are now looking at the largest flag atop the largest flagpole in the world. Pretty sweet, eh? (You might have to click on the image to actually see it)

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Sarah said...

I forgot to mention that this flag weighs over 200 pounds apparently.